About Us

19 Design Founder Welcome to 19design – we are a boutique digital agency that creates conversion based websites for all businesses but we specialise in the Wellbeing, Fashion and Homeware industries.

My name is Samantha Ferriere and 19design is the fusion of my life’s career paths and passions.

Since 1998, I’ve been involved professionally in the worlds of fashion, high-end retail, wellbeing, homewares and graphic and web design. This ‘real world’ experience has given me specialized knowledge and an opportunity to quickly develop a deeper understanding of business from the inside out.

At the forefront of emerging business trends and best practices in graphic design, marketing, website development and social media, my creative team are a sharp, talented bunch of problem solvers working around the clock and around the globe. Together we help businesses like yours make real changes that are practical and profitable.  In a world where so many low cost tools are readily accessible; websites are user friendly and social media gives you a free platform to attract 1000’s of potential customers, there’s really no excuse not to use them!

You just have to work smarter and implement changes faster and now is the time to take advantage of an unprecedented opportunity while your competitors are still sleeping. Either that or watch them pass you by!

So, there’s no excuses. We’ll make your ideas a reality, show you what’s possible and make your life so much easier. I guarantee you’ll wish that you had found us earlier! Now…how can we help?


Samantha Ferriere

Founder & Creative Director

Style Heroes
Gok Wan
Mary Portas

Tastemakers We Admire
Colin Cowie
Martyn Lawrence Bullard
Mindy Weiss

Kindred Spirits
Cesar Milan
Neale Donald Walsh
Byron Katie

Relaxation of Choice
Breath work
Deep tissue massage
Watching a great movie