The best social media image tool ever! – well that’s what we think?

Mar 18, 2014


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Ever had trouble uploading images in FB – they were too big and didn’t show your picture properly or it became pixelated because it was too small? As you know we are naturally visual people and with all the techniques and tools available in the internet, we are now at the point where everything has got to look perfect but it also has to be quick and easy!

Well we have the solution for that! The Autre planète Social Media image maker is a website that allows you to upload any image that you want to put onto Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, youtube and much more! No need to memorise pixel sizes anymore as this does it all for you. Want to add some effects to your image? Not a problem! You can also add instagram type effects to your photos before posting them. It’s a super easy and 100% FREE tool! We’re sure you’ll love this site as much as we do!

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Welcome to Peninsula Styling

Mar 3, 2014


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Peninsula Styling is a new business that will be located on the beautiful Mornington Peninusla in Melbourne. we were approached by the urber creative owner who asked us to create a vintage style logo – the one that you see above – to launch her business. We’ll also be creating a WordPress site for her to show off her amazing talents and product offering to potential customers. Look here and our Facebook page for more updates. 🙂

Welcome to Two Pairs

Jan 4, 2014


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Welcome to “two pairs” a gorgeous home-wares store located in Adelaide. Owned by the stylish Christina Moultan you can find on unique jewellery, on trend fashion, gorgeous gifts and almost anything for your home. We have been selected to build an eCommerce stores that will reflect the stores sleek, fresh, contemporary style online. Look out for more website updates on our blog!

The No. 1 Myth About Getting A Website

Nov 29, 2013


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Have you been thinking of getting a website? If so listen up because I’m going to share with you information that most agencies won’t tell you and that is building your first “website is not easy” actually it take lots of time, planning and work from you.

For our first time clients this can be a real surprise which is why we provide a detailed checklists of what is needed. You see, yes we can build the site BUT we need the content to finish it. Imagine building a house, it starts with the foundations (in this case setting up the hosting) and then the frame work or structure that forms the house. That is our job and can take up to 4 weeks BUT once that is done the house needs the contents to decorate it, so the doors, curtains etc are needed. In terms of a website we need the home page image, content for the “About Us”, FAQ, Privacy statement etc and if we are building an eCommerce store we also need all the product images, prices and descriptions for each.

Now the upside is once it’s all done you will only need to make product and image changes only but for the most part all the hard stuff so don’t let this put you off getting one because in almost all cases – actually I would say all – a website today is essential.

So, if you are thinking about it please email or call with your questions, we have created a process to make it as easy and pain free as possible 🙂

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What Do The Big Brands Do In Social Media

Aug 2, 2013


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With the number of brands fighting for market share, the attention span of consumers is getting shorter and shorter which is why it’s really important to fully utilize your social media. Here’s a great article found on about  the 15 Brands that do social media that best. Not surprising that it features huge companies like Gap, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Victoria’s Secret who are really innovative with their brands campaigns!

But don’t despair if you think you don’t have the budget, you can do your own version without the heavy price tag by adapting their ideas to your own brand. Here’s one of the biggest ideas they use which really works is they create opportunities to interact with their visitors, great examples include asking visitors to posting images of themselves wearing the brands product, asking their opinions on new designs and doing polls on favorite clothes and shoes! All of which any of us can do and you dont have to be a million dollar fashion label! Yeah to the internet!

Brand Of The Month – Drybar

Jun 13, 2013


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I’m inspired!!! I’ve just read a great article on, they have listed their 100Creative People in Business for 2013 (oh to be one of them!) and the list is super inspiring and has spurred a new idea for 19Design that I’m calling Brand of the Month!

Brand of the Month will feature a brand that we think has captured everything that a great brand should have, clarity, heart, passion and a really cool niche idea! So, who is our first brand…..drum roll please……Drybar. Have you heard of it? I actually hadn’t but I’m now in love and desperately searching for one and if you see my thick hair you’ll know why!

Let me explain what they do, basically they offer 1 service and that is they just wash and blow dry hair, nothing else, no cuts, no colours. They have  4 funky types of blow waves names after cocktails and no matter what type of hair, what length it’s all the same price. Something I thought was really clever is they do not dry your hair in front of the mirror, instead they do the big “reveal” by turning your chair around once your hair is looking all shiny and gorgeous!

They have brilliant branding that’s fun and friendly with a culture that celebrates individuality (we love that!) and their website is divine with solid colours and clean lines.  The article is great but just visit their site here and make sure you watch their video 10 values, I just love it,  look out for ours coming soon!

PS: This article has not been edited yet, it will be diligently done by our editor over the next 48 hours so if you see this before he sees it, I apologise for my spelling & grammar. Writing is not one of my strong points!

Welcome To Our New Fashion Client “Shoes For You”

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This week, we’d like to welcome a new client “Shoes for You”. Shoes for you in an online eBay shoe retailer that has asked us to help with a new landing page for their site and to help them set up their social media. Over the coming weeks we’ll being sharing our progress with you so look out for updates!

June update: We finished all our work with Shoes for You last month to see some of our work visit our fashion portfolio page.

New Magazine Advertisment for Our Fabulous Florist Miss Maggie

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Does Remembering Your Password Cause You More Pain Than Pleasure? Read This, Because We Have The Perfect Solution!

Feb 26, 2013

In:Tools To Make Life Easier

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Are passwords driving you crazy? Do you have all your user names and passwords scattered across 1, 2 or even 3 or more books or folders from all the things you’ve signed up to over the years? Do you find yourself sifting through a ridiculous number of pages just to find some information that you should be able to locate in just a few seconds?

Well 19design used to be in the same boat until we discovered Passpack. It’s a fantastic little password service where you can store, categorise and access all your important logins and passwords and input notes about them from one central location. It’s also super secure – you have to get through 3 logins before you can access your password database.

We work with a number of clients and inevitably we need to share passwords with the team but with Passpack, you can pick and choose who gets access and who doesn’t and if required change passwords and take away their access.

It’s fantastic and it’s free and is huge time saver! Just sign up and get started, we love it and we’re sure you will too!

Introducing A New Service: Vechicle Wraps

Feb 6, 2013

In:Graphic Design

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Around December we did a vehicle wrap for Miss Maggie. Miss Maggie is a florist and being creative wanted to cover her new van in flowers!

And here is the result. Using vector images and floral designs drawn by Maggie we created a collage of flowers covering each side and back of her van. What a great result!

Here is what Maggie Ryan had to say!

“Sam was great! I think it’s the female touch because she was patient and made sure I was completely happy. I had been to 2 other companies and by the 2nd redraft they were showing signs of getting tired of my questions! Working with someone that really cares and understands the graphics are going to be on your vehicle for years made a pretty complicated process much much easier!”