Brand Of The Month – Drybar

Jun 13, 2013


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I’m inspired!!! I’ve just read a great article on, they have listed their 100Creative People in Business for 2013 (oh to be one of them!) and the list is super inspiring and has spurred a new idea for 19Design that I’m calling Brand of the Month!

Brand of the Month will feature a brand that we think has captured everything that a great brand should have, clarity, heart, passion and a really cool niche idea! So, who is our first brand…..drum roll please……Drybar. Have you heard of it? I actually hadn’t but I’m now in love and desperately searching for one and if you see my thick hair you’ll know why!

Let me explain what they do, basically they offer 1 service and that is they just wash and blow dry hair, nothing else, no cuts, no colours. They have  4 funky types of blow waves names after cocktails and no matter what type of hair, what length it’s all the same price. Something I thought was really clever is they do not dry your hair in front of the mirror, instead they do the big “reveal” by turning your chair around once your hair is looking all shiny and gorgeous!

They have brilliant branding that’s fun and friendly with a culture that celebrates individuality (we love that!) and their website is divine with solid colours and clean lines.  The article is great but just visit their site here and make sure you watch their video 10 values, I just love it,  look out for ours coming soon!

PS: This article has not been edited yet, it will be diligently done by our editor over the next 48 hours so if you see this before he sees it, I apologise for my spelling & grammar. Writing is not one of my strong points!