Look Book 1st Draft completed!

Jun 11, 2012

In:Graphic Design

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Whenever 19design works with clients we like to present our proposed design inside a “Look Book”. This keeps everything together and each option is clearly numbered for clients to make their choices easily.

Fortunately we were given an example of the layout which gave us direction and these are some if our first proposals. Number I is similar to a proposal that the girls gave to us. As font is such a key element we played around with about 12 different options before proposing 6 to the client. Fonts are so important in design, and there are hundreds!! As you can see we’ve used quite traditional fonts but sometimes I like to throw in different. Hence the fonts for number 9 which is a vintage circus font! Oh so cute! I loved this one!

Getting to the final selection is a process that goes back and fourth process as we work on refining what’s good and what’s not! So we’ll see what happens next!