Meet The Team

  • Sam

Fearless founder of 19Design, Sam brings it altogether! An organiser-aholic with extra reserves of creative energy and enthusiasm, no task is too big or too small!

  • Adriana

You need sizzling copy, Adriana delivers. An experienced copywriter and creative director, Adriana delivers funny, sunny, clear, concise and compelling copy that grabs readers by the lapels and shakes them. Adriana is deathly afraid of spiders and space satellites falling on her, but tries not to let this interfere with her daily work duties!

  • Dee

Dee is our go to girl for all things to do with social media. Whether you need to pin, post, tweet, blog or all of them at once, she is our team expert!

  • Johan

Gifted graphic designer, inspiring wordsmith and budding net entrepreneur! That’s Johan Del Barrio in a nutshell. He’s creative and conscientious and always up for a challenge and for that, we love him.

  • Franji

Meet our DEO (Doggie Executive Officer) Franji! After failing Guide Dog School, Franji now works hard in our office by sleeping, eating snacks and catching the occasional ball. A great stress reliever and always up for a cuddle she’s an invaluable member of our team.

  • Clement

Skateboard dare devil and graphic designer extraordinaire, Clement is able to turn a client’s concept into a creative masterpiece! While the youngest member on our team, his awesome talent and professionalism takes him beyond his years

  • Vixie

Vixie is another one of our multi-talented, graphic design stars that adds a huge amount of experience and skill to our team providing web design, graphic design and illustration.

  • Stefani

We are very fortunate at 19design to have a team of really beautiful people and Stephi is one of them! Kind hearted, hard working and talented Stephi was the original member of our fabulous team!