The No. 1 Myth About Getting A Website

Nov 29, 2013


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Have you been thinking of getting a website? If so listen up because I’m going to share with you information that most agencies won’t tell you and that is building your first “website is not easy” actually it take lots of time, planning and work from you.

For our first time clients this can be a real surprise which is why we provide a detailed checklists of what is needed. You see, yes we can build the site BUT we need the content to finish it. Imagine building a house, it starts with the foundations (in this case setting up the hosting) and then the frame work or structure that forms the house. That is our job and can take up to 4 weeks BUT once that is done the house needs the contents to decorate it, so the doors, curtains etc are needed. In terms of a website we need the home page image, content for the “About Us”, FAQ, Privacy statement etc and if we are building an eCommerce store we also need all the product images, prices and descriptions for each.

Now the upside is once it’s all done you will only need to make product and image changes only but for the most part all the hard stuff so don’t let this put you off getting one because in almost all cases – actually I would say all – a website today is essential.

So, if you are thinking about it please email or call with your questions, we have created a process to make it as easy and pain free as possible 🙂

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