Website Design

Are you getting the most out of your website or is it just a pretty online brochure?

We Build Websites That Convert

When building websites we know what’s important and what’s not! Flashing images, links that take visitors away from your website, messy navigation and unprofessional graphics will ensure more visitors click away from your website than in!

19design provides a full spectrum service that makes a very complicated process simple. By keeping the entire site creation process in-house, we ensure your entire project is managed by 1 person who you’re able to have contact with anytime you wish.

Here’s what’s included in our comprehensive website design service:

1. Initial Setup:
If you’ve ever had trouble with your website host or tried to transfer a domain name, then this service will have you jumping for joy! Often setting up your domain on your web host correctly is a massive headache and can be a huge time waster that can leave you frustrated and stressed! However don’t despair, as a 19design client, our team takes complete control of this for you and works with your host to set up your domain and get your site ready for construction.

2. Graphic Design: There’s no need to use an external designer, instead we allocate up to 2 designers to work on your project and all graphic design elements for your website are included. This includes the creation of appropriate graphic or graphics for your home page and any promotion images throughout the website.

3. Photos: Photos are a vital element of your website. We upload all your photos and re-size, crop and edit them via Adobe Photoshop if required. Most companies will leave this part up to you! Please note if you don’t have professional photos, depending on where you are located we can recommend photographers and would suggest a dedicated marketing photo shoot (please note: we do not include photo shoots in the price but they can be if required).

4. Copywriting: Have you ever tried to write a brochure for your business? My guess is that it took a while! Unfortunately, website copy is no different; in fact there are a lot of sections that need to be fleshed out, such as the ‘About Us’, ‘FAQ’ and product descriptions etc. If you prefer, we can have it all done for you as we have 2 excellent copy writers on our team that will be able to capture your brand’s message succinctly.

5. Subscription Box: Unfortunately not all visitors to your website are ready to purchase. Actually some say less than 1% are ready to buy! So, to make sure we maximize your chances of selling to as many people as possible, we add a subscription box complete with automated email responder. This vital tool captures names and emails of visitors that express interest in your products or services but may not necessarily be ready to buy right now. A subscription box works as a 24/7 lead generator that enables you to build your database improving your chances of converting these prospects into sales.

6. Blog: All websites should have a blog as it enables you to communicate to your audience consistently and on a more personal level as well as share your experiences and showcase your expertise. It’s also a fantastic way to increase traffic to your website as Google loves to index pages from a quality blog!

7. Google Analytics Google Analytics is a piece of ‘code’ that is installed into the back end of your website and tracks every single visitor that comes to your site. It reveals where visitors came from, if they were referred by another site, how long they stayed on your site and what pages they visited! This is great intel and can be used to adjust your marketing according to what will give you the best results.

For your website, we’ll almost always use WordPress as our preferred website platform because it is so easy to use after we have finished building it! There is no need to ask a tech every time you need to make a change; you or your staff will easily be able to do this yourselves, saving time and money!

If you require an e-commerce site then we recommend Opencart or Magento. Both are extremely well known open source platforms that enable us to customise your website easily.